OC1/OC2 Canoe Manufacturers

10 03 2009

There Has been a bit of interest lately in OC1’s and 2’s.  I thought that I’d provide a bit of a resource for people to find OC1/2 manufacturers.  This way people can do their research and figure out what they would like and even investigate second-hand Canoes.  The Below list is not complete I’m sure but it is a good start.  If you know of a manufacturer that is not on this list please leave there details in the comments below.  The Australian manufacturers and importers have a star beside their name.

*Bladerunner OC1 and OC2 are quality made larger volume canoes. John will also do a custom paint job for you if you talk to him.

Boulder Bay extreme OC1.  Interesting canoe from New Zealand.

*Canoe Inovations produce the NauticaOC1 and the Sea Challenger OC2.

Custom Carbon A Kiwi Company producing the Dragonfly 1, that also make ocean going rowing shells.

The Hurricane OC1 and Tempest OC2 made by Maui Fibreglass. Here in Aust you need to contact Chris Maynard at Paddling Promotions.

Evolution Canoes are a group in Brazil making some traditional style and also a surfing canoe

HUKI Outrigger Canoes produce the V1X and V2X outrigger canoes. They can also do amazing custom designs.

Hawaiian Designs make the Nai’a OC1 and the Honukai OC2.

*HYPR Canoes There is an Aussie importer for Hyper canoes who you can email.

*Kai Wa’a Canoes include the Pegasus, Scorpius and Scorpius XM. You can order them in Australia through Paddling Promotions .

Kia Kaha produce the WaiNui OC1. Apparently there are some new canoes as well but they are not up on their website yet. If you want to get them in Australia you should contact the Paddle Shop

Kamanu Composites Make the Pueo one of the more popular canoes in Hawaii at the moment.

Kayak Sports is a company in Canada and the US that make the Albatros OC1 and OC2. Seems to be based off of their K1 and K2 designs.

Maui Kanu is a company in Rotorua NZ that make a range of rudderless Va’a and Oc1’s.

Moana Nui Products make the Surfrigger amongst others.

*Ocean Swell used to make a canoe called the Piranha. Now they make the  newer lower volume Wahoo OC1 and Wahtoo OC2.

*Outrigger Connection Australia Who import the Osprey, Zephyr, Fusion and Fuze OC1’s and the Stingray OC2. Colin Bartley is now over on the West Coast so if you want to order one on the East Coast contact the Paddle Shop.

Pineula Va’a make the Vantage and Ma’a Afi OC1’s and the Waveblade OC2

*Sabre Marine This is Bill Murray here in Townsville who make the Sabre OC1 and 2.

Sandwich Island Composites. The Eclips is a decent looking canoe from Maui’s North Shore. Also from the pictures it looks like they will do a custom design that will melt you eyes if you want.

Savage Canoes out of Maryland US who specialise in freshwater racing canoes also make an OC1. Personally I would love one of their C1’s.

Southern Outriggers is a Kiwi company that make a sit in OC2 and 2 different models of OC1.

*Stealth Surf Craft Lats is no longer making the Stealth OC1. But it’s worth contacting him if you are interested in the Canoe

*Tiger Canoes Harvey Alison Makes these here under licence

*Whitsunday Fibreglass and Marine or better known as TOM The Outrigger Man make most of the OC6’s in Australia and Peter Corbishly has been making canoes since 1984. They make the Stingray oc1 and 2’s for Outrigger connection.

*Zulu Surf Spears make an OC1 as well as what must be Australia’s best selling rudderless V1. They also make an OC2.

I hope this list helps some people.




11 responses

24 07 2009
Rock Lamb

I live on Hayden Lake, Idaho and want to find out if I can get an OC2 outrigger shipped here? Do you know of manufactures that have a program in place to do this?

27 07 2009

Hey Rock,

Best Bet that I know of would be Pouge sport (http://www.poguesports.com/) in Richmond, Canada. They source a good range of canoes and would easily be able to ship to you. I am sure there are some manufacturers in California just not sure of the websites yet. Other than that I am sure that any of the Aussie Manufacturers would be able to ship to you but it would be expensive. The Bladerunner OC2 is an Awesome canoe!

19 10 2009
Peter Corbishley

Hi, I just thought you may like to add my company to your canoe manufacturers list.
Whitsunday Fibreglass and Marine P/L trading as TOM The Outrigger Man
We have been making outriggers since 1984 and are the largest manufacturer of OC6s in Australia, we also make OC1, OC2, OC4, OC6

21 10 2009

Hey Peter,
Thanks for the heads up and the link is added.
Cheers Lewis

13 10 2010

Where are the dealers and reps for OC-1’s in california?

15 10 2010

Hey Don,
We are a bit more concerned with the canoes available in Australia. However if you know of some Californian based Manufacturers that I don’t have listed here then please let me know.
Cheers Lewis.

27 10 2010
David Conroy

What are your thoughts of the OC2 Outrigger on this website?

28 10 2010

Hey David,

Thanks for the pointer to the website. They’ll be added to the list. The outriggers on the Kayak sport website look like K1’s and K2’s turned into outriggers. Could be very fast in flat water but would be very problematic in open ocean and in down wind runs. Look like they would make excellent flat water and sprint OC1/2’s.

Cheers Lewis

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